Pet Portraits

Pet portrait completion dates depend on the current waiting list for Lou Moo Designs.



At the time of booking I require a 50% deposit (this does not change depending on portrait cost or size) to secure your booking.

The deposit is non-refundable if less than 2 weeks notice of cancellation is given. You can use the deposit for a later date if you like.

I will give contact you 1 week prior to starting your portrait to update you on your order. 

Portraits take up to 2 weeks for completion - size and detailing dependent. 

The remaining account is to be paid on completion of the portrait and prior to pick up or postage if paying by transfer.

Postage is free for my pet portraits AUSTRALIA WIDE.

You can collect from my home in New Norfolk, or I am very flexible with meeting arrangements.

It is CRUCIAL TO COMMUNICATE with me throughout the pet portrait order, I will not give a refund on your deposit if at the end of the portrait you decided you do not want it due to outcome. I give my clients a lot of notice throughout the process and updates on their pet portraits and I rely on the honesty of my clients to advise if they would like some details altered throughout the process.

Photo Requirements
I know particularly well how hard it is to get the perfect photo of you pet, but it is crucial that I have a clear photo of your pet to work with.
The less quality or the more movement in the photo, the less detail and quality the portrait will be.
The MORE THE BETTER. If you have a particular photo you would like captured, send me that photo first, even if it doesn't have the best quality or I can't see the colour of the eyes in that particular photo. You can then send as many reference photos as you like that I can use for my detailing.
Full body or headshot? Its up to you! My most common portrait is white background with your pets head and shoulder's captured. However, I can do full body portraits at an additional cost.
What size? Size is all up to you and what you want in your home. A3 is my most popular size, but any size works well for single pet portraits. For 2 pets, I wouldn't advise to go any smaller than an A4, and if you want more than 2, nothing smaller than an A3 (or even an A2 depending on how many pets you have) would be recommended.
Custom sizing is available and on stretched gallery canvas. Please contact us via email to discuss further.